Ten money saving ideas:
  • Carpool
  • Only buy necessities
  • Only eat out once in a while
  • Bike or walk places that are close instead of driving
  • Put money in an envelope and put it away
  • Sell aluminum
  • Coupons
  • Wash dishes by hand
  • Pack a lunch instead of buying
  • Don't take 20 minute showers

Career Cruising Assignment:
Seton Hill University-
  • Private
  • Coed
  • Small Town
  • 15:1 Student to Faculty Ratio
  • Semesters

Seton Hill University: Art Therapy Major (Possible Classes Needed):
1. Marketing - yes
2. Communications - yes
3. Product Development - yes
4. Visual Merchandising - yes
5. Graphic Arts for Fashion - yes

High School Classes to Take and Prepare for College (Seton Hill University for Art Therapy):
1. Physcology - yes
2. Marketing - yes
3. Graphic Tech - yes
4. Textile Arts - yes
5. AP Art - yes


Career- Cluster:
1. Image Consultant: Human Services
2. Fashion Designer: Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
3. Bioethicist: Health Science
1. Short Term Goals: Get all A's; Get a driver's license; Do good on my science
fair project
2. Mid Term Goals: Get my high school degree; get a college
degree; play lacrosse in college
3. Long Term Goals: Run a marathon; have a
successful career, travel to Europe

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